Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Football at da max!

Time to update again! Before scrolling down, here's some discretion for my following post as some of you might yawn off because it's gonna be all about football. Scroll down if you're a football fan (or somehow have some interest in football) or else, you might 'catch no ball' with what I am going to post.

First and foremost, a big big props to Man City for beating Arsenal! w00t (again.. I am so addicted to w00t-ing >.<) And we did not only beat Arsenal, we beat them with the scoreline 3-0! Ya ya, my friend told me that Man City was just lucky, but I think that is more like bullcrap.. LOL.. How can you possibly say it's luck when you won it by 3 goals to nil.. I mean.. LUCK?! If 1-0, then maybe acceptable la, if 2-0 also I can forcefully accept it, but 3-0 is never luck. Especially with Robinho trying to round off da keeper (Djourou cleared off the line), chipping the ball over the keeper to score (video below) and the list goes on.

Music Video Code by FootyFilms.com

Anyway, you might wonder why and when did become a Man City fan? But I can assure you that I did not support them just because they have a billionaire owner or because they are becoming the second Chelsea. Truth is, I've been following them even before Robinho came (meaning before they got themselves a billionaire owner). Alright, to those who knows me well enough, I am a hardcore + loyal Leeds United fan. In fact, my love for them still remains the same. Just that Leeds is not in the Premier League no more and I couldn't watch their games in the TV anymore.

So, I've found another team to follow in the Premier League, which is Man City (mainly because of Elano). That was like years ago since I've been following them (Man City, I mean). That should explain why, when, how did I eventually grow to like City. To make it short, I am a Leeds fan since childhood (and I still am) and I also follow Man City in the Premier League.

Alright, back to my post where Man City beat Arsenal. So, we played one of our very best game in the league this season (bar the one against Portsmouth of course, that was our best so far =P). But undeniably, Arsenal was so low in confidence and morale that day (mainly due to the Gallas thingy). Man City did well to take advantage of it and capitalized it brilliantly. Hopefully, Arsenal's backroom will be restored from disharmony after appointing Fabregas as their new permanent captain. YEAH! Felt happy for Fab. He surely deserves it at Arsenal even though he's only 21 right now.

I may not be an Arsenal fan but I do have some soft spot for Fabregas, for he is one of da best youngster around nowadays. The style of his play and passes are just different class.

Enough about football. Guess what I did today? I went for futsal with my uni mates this afternoon (I know futsal is still, somehow related to football, but who cares =P). Went to uni at 12pm in da noon without bringing anything. Brought my sports attire along with me though. Tells how much I care about attending da class, eh? But I still went la nevertheless...

So, we started our futsal around 4pm and finished at around 6pm. One thing about da futsal game is that, it was actually Martin who asked us to play from what I heard. That was like so.. UNBELIEVABLE?! LOL.. Martin actually initiated us to play futsal.. How rare la.. HAHA! Perhaps, sem 3 is ending soon (1 last week, w00t!) and this may be our last futsal game in our foundation year. Really had a great game today, thanks to my fellow mates! =)

Alright, ending my post here for today and since this post is mainly about football, here's some random funny pic of football (Man Utd). ENJOY!


P/S: I am going to uni tomorrow! w00t! Last Web Page practical.. Gonna check my coursework marks.. =P

Friday, 21 November 2008

Unexpected, eh?

Unbelievably for me, I went to uni today. It was kinda surprising even to myself. I thought I decided to self-study (ya la.. kononnya) at home but to no avail. It was actually because I stayed at home yesterday for the whole day (yup, i skipped class =x) and it was so damn effin' bored. Sleep, play games, sleep... Nothing else. Can't believe I actually went through a day like that. So, today I woke up at 9.15am, looked at the clock for like 10 seconds and decided to get my face washed. And I told myself that I couldn't spend yet another day filled with such boredom. Changed myself and went to uni.

And guess what? Made my first step into the tutorial class and my classmates were like, "WTH?! IT'S DICKSON! HE COMES FOR CLASS!". I mean, what kinda respond was that? It's not like I always ponteng (self-study), just once in a while ma.. Don't have to be so exaggerated, right? Especially Carlson, you can go audition for Hollywood movies adi la.. Your reaction was really over la... Oh ya, and I didn't see Martin at uni today. No fate la.. You go, I didn't go. I go, you didn't go -__-"

Anyway, after da class, they decided to go 'cheong k' and me for being such a 'yao yi hei' friend followed them la of course =P. Went to The Gardens (Mid Valley) with Carlson's car and it took us forever to find a parking. Luckily, we managed to find one in the end which took us nearly 20 minutes (seriously -_-). Reached RedBox around 1.45pm. And I'll let the pic tell the rest...

JJ staring at the camera =x

Carlson busy sms-ing with his Darling YuYue =P

Shouting our voice out!

Nemo, Chin Wee and Poh Ha posing..

And then, comes Kelvin and Captain Wong

Me, who is so deeply into the song, even the mic shines. Proves just how good of a singer I am (okay, i know it is somehow non-related with the mic shining)

JJ acting emo out of sudden.. What exactly happened? Just tell us la, don't have to be so emo.. =P

Me camwhoring secretly while everyone was busy singing..


Reached home around 9pm. AGAIN, I'm gonna moan about how tired I am.. But still, it was fun nevertheless.. And to JJ, who had expected that I'll put his emo pic in my blog, you're so damn right.. No way I'm gonna let you off! =P

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


Before I start, let's have a big 'w00t!'. Everything's over! Finally, for the first time ever in this sem, I felt so released. The so-called short semester has been keeping me busy since day 1 and it's finally coming to an end soon... Ahh, can't wait for degree!!! The prospect of finally being able to study the subject I like has gave me a lot of determination to strive for this sem.. So, here's basically what has been done for these 2 weeks that I've gone through..
  • Rushing for management assignment
  • Rushing for webpage assignment
  • Management mid-term test
  • Webpage mid-term test
  • Webpage practical assessment
  • English' group discussion
  • Webpage presentation
  • Management presentation
All between these 2 weeks man.. Can you imagine that?! And finally, it's all over man! Just finished my management presentation few hours ago and immediately after that, we went for futsal. After futsal, we went to Taman Paramount to have our dinner. It has been some time since we last gather around at da nite and we even chat until around 9pm++. Had so much fun today but too bad la, we didn't took any photos today. What a shame.. Never mind, there's still chance for us to have such gathering again and rest assured, I will definitely take some photos next time.. =P

Alright, perhaps I should stop living in my cloud nine already (but can't blame la, suddenly felt so released..). BUT then again, come to think of it, now that all the assignments and presentations are done, the FINAL EXAM is coming! DA PHEAR!! Ya la, sorry for mentioning such a mood-killing and sensitive thing.. Forget about it, there's like 3 more weeks to go until the final... Meaning I still have approximately 504 hours or 30240 minutes to go.. Apa nak takut? Still so "LONG" to go... Don't care about it first la.. (self-consoling rocks! xD)

And also, one thing that I should be glad about is that the 'BARRED LIST' has officially been released and I am not in it.. Another w00t for me =D. So, this indirectly means that I can rest once in a while for the rest of the week... Ya, you heard me right, is REST not PONTENG... Or to make it sound nicer, I am gonna rest and self-study at home for the coming days.. Rajin, huh? Biasa la..

Guess, it's about time to have some rest after all the fun I had today.. Oh ya.. And I am not going back Muar this week AGAIN.. Been 3 weeks since I last went back.. Kinda miss my family.. =( But then, I'll be at Muar for my whole study week, which will be coming up the week after next. Can't wait to go back! =) Ok la, enough of my craps for today.. REALLY REALLY wanna have a good rest. Maybe gonna wake up in da morning to watch Germany v England.. GO ENGLAND! =P

Signing off,
Dickson 7


P/S: To my uni frens, please take note that you can still ask me out for futsal or basketball eventhough you won't be seeing much of me for the coming days. But I'll surely be there. So, don't forget me ya..

Friday, 14 November 2008

Rush hour

The deadline for all the assignments are reaching.. In about 9 more hours, we'll have to submit our webpage assignment.. But luckily for me this time, I was able to complete it earlier than I've expected.. w00t! No more last minute rushing work, eh? But then again, if you actually step into my uni, you won't be surprise to see most of the sem 3 students are busying + rushing for their assignment.. You will be able to sense the paranoid.. But that is the interesting part of "uni life" ain't it? Rushing last minute assignment together with all your fellow friends.. It's challenging yet fun sometimes.. No wonder I'm enjoying my uni life so much despite the workload.. =P

Anyway, it's 3 something in the morning and viewing through my MSN contact, I can see most of my friends are still rushing their assignment.. Hope to be able to help them, but couldn't do much in the end.. =\ Hopefully, they'll be able to complete it a.s.a.p. All the best, guys! Especially to my TD3 mates.. Good luck!


By the way, anyone watched episode 10 of Prison Break 4 already? **SPOILER** It was more of a tribute episode for Bellick.. And Scofield seems like he's dying soon.. Last season of PB, perhaps? =S.. Anyway, there wasn't much progress to the storyline in this episode but found a catchy phrase yet again from T-Bag... Something like 'Staying in the captivity of negativity'.. Sounds catchy and rhythmic (got such word? lol).. Can't wait for the next episode.. =P

P/S: Should I go back to Muar tomorrow? Still considering.. If everything go as planned (FULLY complete my assignment thingy) and if I am able to assure that no problem will arise halfway.. Perhaps, I'll be going back after all.. But then again, that is IF I am able to reach Subang on time coz I am most probably following Yen Yang's car if I were to go back... Let's hope everything turn out well tomorrow... =) NITEZ!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

"Greatness Achieved"

And if you're wondering the title of my post has anything to do with me, then you're wrong.. =P To kill off your curiosity, the title is actually the name of the episode 9 of Prison Break... I guess most of you watch this series, right? Well, at least most of my friends did, including myself.. And recently, I've revitalized my addiction towards this series. I still remember when I was in secondary school, me and some of my friends were so crazy over Prison Break. But it have stopped airing for a while and finally after few months of waiting, Prison Break is back! And you may have noticed that the series have reached episode 9 of season 4 (-___- you SHOULD have notice that don't you?).. Well, this episode really gave me some kinda mixed-feeling of happy and sad..

Before I go on.. Just a reminder that my following post may contain SPOILER to those who have not watch episode 9 of season 4 yet..

So.. I was so effin' glad that Mahone has finally got his hand on Wyatt.. All of season 4 fans have been waiting for this day to come.. Mahone getting his revenge on Wyatt.. Torturing him to da max! w00t! I know the way Mahone tortured Wyatt was abit cruel but that doesn't sympathize me at all... I'd love to see Wyatt suffer more.. xD.. Alright, so that's the happy part for me in this episode... But then, there comes the sad part... I mean why on earth do they have to kill Bellick off da series.. He was one of the more likeable character in this season.. And the way he sacrificed himself for the team.. Sad la.. Despite me hating him throughout the whole season 1 and 2... Hard to imagine, eh? He was such an ***hole in season 1 and 2.. I bet most of the PB fan hated him for being such a prick in season 1 and 2.. But season 3, I started to feel pity on him.. Season 4, I've grown to like him... Ahh... Why Bellick?! I thought it was a good idea to have Roland killed, but definitely not Bellick... Anyway, episode 9 conclusively was about Mahone getting his revenge on Wyatt and Bellick sacrificed his life for the team.. =|


But of course that won't stop me from chasing the series.. Season 4 turns out to be way way better than Season 2 and 3.. For me, the order goes like this: Season 1 > Season 4 > Season 2 > Season 3.. By the way..

P/S: That's about all for me today... Just reached PJ an hour ago.. Went back to my hometown on Friday.. =P Have to get some rest now...

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hectic week..

So, it's 3am++ in the morning and I am still awake.. I was actually revising my Management Studies subject for the mid-term test.. But it was so freakin' bored that halfway through Chapter 6, I nearly fell asleep.. Hence, I decided to take a short rest.. And while resting, I thought I'd make use of this precious little time to update my blog... So.. Why not? =P

Well, guess what? My Management mid-term will commence in less than 24 hours... Yup, you heard it right... Management Studies mid-term test is coming right up tomorrow! And unsuprisingly, I have YET AGAIN failed to prevent myself from doing last minute work... Can't really blame me this time though =P.. I have my reasons... (Not excuse, k..)

First and foremost, blame it on the schedule for this week.. I know it still sounds like an excuse in the end.. >.< But imagine this coming to me for this and the coming week..

Management mid-term test on Tuesday followed by web-page mid-term test on the next day... and web-page practical assessment on the exact same day.. That's not all.. I have an assignment reaching its deadline soon, which is next Monday... And there's another assignment to pass up next Friday... Short semester is just as scary as it is made out.. I refuse to believe when they told me short sem will be far more busier than long sem but now, I take back my words... Short sem isn't fun at all.. =(

Guess I have to really learn to make full use of every single second starting from today to prevent last minute work AGAIN of course... HOPEFULLY la... Atleast for this semester >.<.. Only left 3 more weeks to go and my foundation year will officially comes to an end.. w00t!! That's what I've been telling myself.. It's one of da way to maintain my determination... Can't wait to enter my degree next year... =)

Anyway, I have to get back to my revision or else, I might not be able to complete my foundation year smoothly after all... LOL.. Wish me luck then... ;)

Hope that won't happen to me... *fingers-crossed* >.<