Sunday, 16 December 2007

I'm back!

Yo, I am finally back from the trip! Well, it was a memorable trip for me... Though, the first few days were a bit bored.. We didn't get to play the outdoor games at Genting due to the rain... Its a shame though.. We did went to Van Hellsing, Ripley's Believe It Or Not and Snow World.. Then, the 2nd day was at KL.. We spent 5 hours at Berjaya Times Square.. But we did sneak out to Petaling Street during the 5 hours... =P We then went to the 'Eye On Malaysia' at Titiwangsa at night... It was my first time going there.. Not much to comment about.. =|

Our Rompin's trip were cancelled due to the flood.. But luckily, we had a last minute plan and decided to go to Port Dickson (my port, yeah... xD) instead of the Rompin Beach... The 2 days at Port Dickson were the best part of the trip for us... For the last day, we went to A'Famosa.. And we actually choose to visit the zoo instead of the water world.. We probably got tired of water (we've been playing water at my port for 2 days).. Well, less talk.. more pictures.. As I've promised, here's the pic for the trip... (we didn't take much pic at KL though..)

At Genting Highlands.. We're all freezing... (Look at Chia Sern xD) And yes, you're not wrong.. The three of us up there were trying to kiss Tan Fei.. ^^

Choon Yang, Ah Fei and Ah Jiao

Chuan Jun, Ah Jiao and Kok Meng

Chuan Jun, Kok Meng and me behind the big Xmas Tree.. =)

Standing beside the World's Tallest Man! xD

Way to get babies.. Just touch the statue behind.. =D

Its me with Dr. Mahathir..

No idea what was the building already.. Someone help me to recall it? (tell me on the chatterbox, lol)

Again, I have forgotten what was it.. But I guess it was some kinda Chinese building..


These men behind just couldn't die no matter what.. Amazing huh..

Alright, don't ask me what was the thing behind cause I don't really know.. Just simply took pic with it.. xD

Big Chair.. No comment..

The Luckiest Chair.. But I am not even lucky eventhough I did sat on it.. =S

Robotic man...

Some kinda car.. No idea... Aikz..

Shark's mouth.. (Yup, I've finally know something..)

Went out for a walk during midnight at Genting.. Taken while we're resting.. Hehe..

Inside the cable car... Nice scenery..

Nothing much.. Just simply took a pic while sitting inside the cable car.. (it was bored sitting inside... =|)

D7.. Random pic.. Spotted it on our way to shopping.. (Dickson 7)

Berjaya Times Square..

Eye On Malaysia..

At Port Dickson's beach.. Vo San getting buried alive.. Muahahaha...

Walking around Port Dickson with no real motive during 2am... We actually met a lot of weird things.. Haha.. Ask me if you're curious.. =P

Outside our apartment at PD.. Posing for some idol drama cover... (yeah... we're not F4, we're not Fahrenheit, we're not Lollipop.. we're CBM! xD)

Eliza and Angie with the CBM! ^^

At A'Famosa Zoo.. Behind the wishing well..

And here's some pics of the animals I took.. May be kinda boring to some of you.. But still, I'll post it.. Click the 'x' if you don't wanna see then...

Cute rabbit couple..

A bunch of rabbits.. Look at the rabbit on the left (the one standing).. Cute ain't it.. ^^

Brown rabbit..





And here's a bunch monkeys.. The monkey in the last pic has a really really long tail and it didn't really look like a monkey to me.. =.="

No no, this isn't a monkey.. Don't ask me what is it.. (again.. I don't know.. =|)

Alright, so the day before the trip was Tan Fei's birthday (9th December).. And we've planned to play a birthday prank on him.. We were gathering our IC to be photostated.. So, each and everyone of us took out our IC and gave it to Chuan Jun.. During that time, we hid his (Tan Fei) IC somewhere else.. Chuan Jun then pretend to go out and photostat all the IC.. But when he came back, everyone's IC were there except Tan Fei's.. Then, everything was in a mess and all of us started finding the IC for Fei (pretending to find it of course.. we're all oscar winner.. haha).. So, in the end.. we decided to take Fei out to check if Chuan Jun accidentally lost it on the way to the photostat shop.. Still, we couldn't find it.. Our baby Fei was totally lost, poor him.. (lol..) So, we went back to Chuan Jun house.. When he (Tan Fei) opened the door, only to see a cake (with his IC on it) right in front of him.. His relief-look was super duper cute, xD! No kidding.. So, here's some pics of it..

Cutie Fei.. xD (relief + smile)

At Chuan Jun's house..

Trying to kiss our baby Fei.. (lol, look at him trying to cover his face.. ^^)

No comment.. =)

Cutie Fei posing..

Cutting his birthday cake.. Hehe..


Sunday, 9 December 2007


So.. I am finally going somewhere else to enjoy my holiday.. It has been 2 weeks since the end of the SPM.. And I am so proud (am I? =|) to say that I've done absolutely nothing since that day.. Despite being already on holiday right now, I don't really have the holiday kinda feeling.. Its just so so boring during the holidays..

Well luckily, this morning.. I've actually done something to kill my time at the very least... For the first time since the end of SPM, we finally get to play football, on the field.. Don't be surprise though... We normally just play futsal nowadays instead of the real football.. To be honest, we've not played over 10 times of football this year.. And it is not because we have lost our interest in the game.. Bottom line is we just couldn't find the adequate amount of players to play a real football game.. Futsal is different though as we don't really need 22 players to play.. (exclude substitution of course..) Just 12 or even 10 players would be enough... (5v5 or 6v6)

I really missed those days when we get to play football at the stadium with our senior (the ex-Form 5 team) every Friday.. Really, we've learned a lot from them when playing against them... Since the starting of the year 2007, there are no more ex-Form 5 to play with.. (well, we are the Form 5 now..) And this is why we're playing futsal more often nowadays.. =(

And I was really happy as we finally get to play with the ex-Form 5 team today... We actually won with a 3-0 scoreline... I know their line-up today wasn't their best starting eleven.. Surely, they lack a lot of their key players... (William, Beng Chun, Hao Jie, Zhi Ang, Ah Chai, Mavin) and this was the main reason they weren't at their best.. So, there's nothing for us to be proud of... But still, it was really nice and enjoyable to be able to play with Lee Poh again.. (he went to Australia..) It has been some time since we last played with him... Hopefully, we'll be able to play with ONS FC again with both their team and our team fielding our best starting eleven...

Enough about football.. I just realised I am way off-topic from the title 'HOLIDAYS!'.. So, now let's get back into it.. The reason I put that as the title is because I wanted to express my joy for finally being able to go somewhere else to enjoy my holidays! (I know I mentioned it earlier.. but still..) YUP, I am going for a trip to a few places... with my bunch of friends of course.. Should be quite fun.. Just in case you're wondering where I am going... The places are KL, Genting and Rompin Beach Resort.. Don't really know where is Rompin Beach Resort.. But that is not really important as long as we (our gang of friends if you're not sure who I'm referring to.. xD) get to spend our time together...

We'll be starting our journey on 10th of December which is just 2 days away.. And I am very sad to say that there won't be any update on my blog for some time until.. maybe when I come back from the trip.. Hehe.. And no doubt I'll upload the pics of our trip when I come back... No worries.. So, be sure to expect that... Guess I'm signing off here... =D

P/S: Sorry for the lack of pics.. I'm gonna repay it big time when I come back from my trip... xD

Tuesday, 4 December 2007


In case you're wondering what's up with the title? Why 'Come Beat Me?' out of sudden? Well, if you haven't already know.. It is our organization.. or stable.. or our gang.. or whatever you want to call it.. Before I go on with everything.. Here's something I need to clarify though.. (lol.. nothing serious actually)..

The name 'Come Beat Me' may seems to be provoking or arrogant.. But we're actually not.. We seriously have no intention of being offensive.. This name was made up purely out of fun and mischief... xD

But the main point is.. It doesn't just mean 'come beat me' and nothing more.. In fact, it is way more complicated than that... Uh huh... Getting confused?!

Alright, Come Beat Me (FC)... This is actually our football club.. Or make it simple, it is a group with a bunch of teenagers having the same interest.. which is football of course.. At first, the name 'Come Beat Me' was simply made up as we were participating in a futsal competition and we really have no idea what should we name our team... So, one of our friend... Chee Shen came up with the name... And since then, we'd just call it CBM.. until now..

BUT.. but as time passes... The CBM has slowly turned out to be something more than just a football club.. We have lots of wonderful memories here.. Football, futsal, study, ktv, yam cha and many more.. We went through lots of joys... miseries.. thick and thin together... (sounds a bit dramatic huh? lol) And certainly for me, I have no regret being a part of the group... ^^ Okay, I'll stop being so mushy here... =D

And why am I crapping so much about CBM out of nowhere? Of course, there's a reason for it.. And the reason is the SPM which indirectly means that it is the doom for the CBM.. (okay, I over-exaggerated it.. ^^) I've been hungering for the SPM to end but I've totally forgotten that the end of SPM would also mark the end of CBM... Most of us will be pursuing our study elsewhere and there'll be less time for us to get together like we always do... But I do believe we can keep the string strong and try to turn 'the end' into 'the beginning of the end'... (sounds weird?! lol) Well honestly, I really hope that CBM will not disband and never will disband... Each and everyone of us hope for the same anyway... Hehe... Okay.. Here's the list of our members just in case, you have no idea who is in the so called 'CBM'..

Come Beat Me FC 2007

1. Chong Inn
13. Allen Wee
23. Dennis Lim
25. Chee Ting

3. Choon Yang
4. Wei Cheng
5. Kai Wee
6. Soon Wee
12. Vo San
19. Lee Siang
20. Chuan Jun
22. Alvin Tay

8. Wee Chew (Captain)
10. San Yee
11. Yee Sean
14. Kok Meng
17. Wei Jie
18. Ho Victor

7. Dickson Mok
9. Chee Shen
15. Tan Fei

Come Beat Me FC 2006

And nope, I'm not ending the post just like that of course... So, here's more pics of the CBM throughout the year 2006 and 2007..

During ICSMC Installation 2006...

Wei Jie's Birthday 2006.. (At HOME.. I mean the fast food restaurant..)

Dennis' Birthday 2006.. (At Dennis' very own house of course.. ^^)

CBM at Kem Pelangi 2006

At Kem Pelangi 2006.. Not all of us went to the camp though.. (CBM members I mean) And the pic was taken together with other football friends at the camp.. (Choon Ching, Yi Zhan, Biao Xiong, Choon Heng and Yuan Qiang)

At Neway KTV.. Yup, we went to KL on December 2006.. Had a nice time there.. (don't care about Wee Yu inside.. He 'ke po' only.. xD)

A'Famosa: CBM with some other school friends.. ^^

During Interact's IU DAY 2007 with Pahang's friends..

Okay before you go on saying this pic has nothing to do with CBM.. Well, the fact is that the 'Mighty Palm' of Cha Ju Lee (or you can call it Body Glove) was indeed given to one of our CBM member.. Better don't say is who.. lol.. Guess yourself... (The one laughing behind was Tan Fei.. Cute ain't it? xD)

Honestly, I've forgotten when exactly was the pic taken.. But we were at Victor's house that night.. KTV-ing of course.. (again, don't care about Hang Lim inside.. haha..)

CBM Mooncake Festival 2007... w00t!!

Yup, we've won the Froggie Cup.. (don't ask me what's Froggie Cup coz I don't really know it myself..)

Last day at school.. CBM acting.. CUTE?! Alright, maybe not so cute.. But we do have Tan Fei inside... So.. CBM IS CUTE! =)

CBM sobbing.. No no no, we aren't like that when we lose a game.. Just for entertainment purpose.. xD

Okay, so no more acting cute this time.. Acting cool.. How about it? (or am I trying to act strong instead?.. lol)

Alright, so.. that's about all for CBM... Check out our friendster to know more... (erm.. know what?! I don't know.. just... check it out then.. lol) And the final words from me is that.. (more like a hope I think) CBM will stay the way it is forever... ^^

Once a CBM, Forever a CBM!

Sounds familiar, eh? Who cares.. =|