Wednesday, 18 February 2009

That's how winning is done!

"You, me, or nobody is gonna hit as hard as life. But it ain't about how hard ya hit. It's about how hard and how much you can take the hit and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!" - Rocky Balboa

Nah, I'm not trying to act like a genius (I'm a genius anyway... LOL) or a sensible freak, but somehow I find that phrase highly meaningful. And I don't really know why but I suddenly had the urge to share it with you guys. Don't ask me why. =)

Recently, I'm just so running out of time + breath for my assignments and test. Things just keep on coming and coming, and just when I thought I had completed one of the MANY assignments, there comes another. It is just.. never ending. Arghhh...

But like how it is said, I'll have to endure all the things coming against me and keep on walking forward. And perhaps, I might be able to finally catch a glimpse of success. w00t! Look who's talking now. LOL. Putting it like a pro (which I'm actually not. My actions speak softer than words, unfortunately).

Anyway, Dynamics (DA PHEAR!!) test is coming up next Monday or Tuesday. And here's a thing. I'm already in week 6 (or is it 7?) but guess what? I could not understand any single bit of it (Dynamics, I mean..). This is happening to me.. like for the first time in my life (atleast I could still understand some parts of my Engineering Maths but Dynamics is just.. =\). Felt so effin' miserable and disappointed at myself. WTF. I swear I dropped my jaw when I saw the solution of those questions in tutorial. Guess it is about time for me to brush up on my studies thingy before it's too late.

Alright, I'll cut short of those depressing things.


So, I've been hearing good things about Benjamin Button recently, the movie I mean. Suddenly feel like watching it but I'm only lonely over here at PJ. =(

No one is willing to accompany me to watch movies here. How sad. And I'll have to resort to some other "illegal" way (obviously... the thing everyone does nowadays. xD) to watch the movie then, in my computer. LOL.

Okie, before I sign off... here, check out my friend's blog, Milktee. He's shipping out a bunch of nice t-shirts next month. But you can order it early to get some discount. Some of the designs are pretty cool. Check them out!

Thursday, 12 February 2009


Have you ever wondered how would it be if you were a twin? Why some are born twins, triplets or even quadruplets? No one can really tell why and from what I know, it is all destined by God. Nonetheless, we human beings are of course known for our curiousity.

So, the curious me started googling about twins and I pondered upon a somewhat interesting + bizarre news. It goes..


Malaysian twins spared death row

Malaysian identical twin brothers have escaped hanging for drug trafficking as a court failed to decide which brother was the criminal, and cleared both.

A judge in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, said the case was unique and she could not send the wrong person to his death.

In 2003 police arrested one brother found driving drugs to a house. The second twin arrived soon afterwards and was also arrested.

Neither officers nor a DNA test could identify which twin owned the drugs.

Sathis and Sabarish Raj, 27, cried in court when they heard the judge say that the prosecution had failed to prove which twin had been arrested first with a car containing 166kg of cannabis and almost 2kg of raw opium.

According to the New Straits Times, the judge told the court: "I can't be calling the wrong twin to enter his defence. I can't be sending the wrong person to the gallows."

Execution is mandatory for convicted drugs traffickers in Malaysia.

Taken from:


Twins were exempted from prosecution because the judge couldn't identify which one was the one doing the crime. And to make the case easy and simple (typical Malaysian, eh? =P), they let both of them gets off scot free. WTF! This is one of da most bizarre news I've ever seen to date. Period.

Ridiculous or whatever you call it, but I was honestly left in disbelief when I saw the news. And what's "surprising" is that, it is actually happening in our very own Malaysia itself. Shows how vulnerable our laws can be exploited nowadays. Loopholes everywhere and I bet there's more than what we've seen so far. =\



Alright, my eyes couldn't take it no more.. Signing off then..

Friday, 6 February 2009

Replacement. AGAIN.

I am so not going back to Muar this + maybe next week.

Replacement classes every now and then to prevent me from going back to my hometown. Why do we have to even attend classes on Saturday. It's just so not right. Saturday is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable day. Freakin' UTAR is driving me crazy =(

Guess what happened to me this morning. I had a super agonizingly painful stomache EVER. The most painful stomache I had ever experienced. I don't remember me consuming any not-so-clean food unless McDonald tells me otherwise.

Anyway, here's something I'd like to share.

Ladies and gentlemen..

A 6 year old football prodigy

This kid is seriously a genius. At only 6 years of age, his feet and intelligence are totally at a different level. Technically talented as well. Props to da kid!



Nope.. Not Arshavin to Arsenal. The more obvious one of course. The laughing stock of the week.


Wonder what the Liverpool fans have to say about this transfer. Bought him for £20 million just to realize that he's nowhere better than their benched striker, N'Gog and then selling him off for £15 million back to his former club after 6 months. Joke of da year, perhaps? LOL. No offence but this is seriously amusing and Spurs will no doubt be laughing their asses off for earning £5 million out of nothing. But to be fair though, Harry Redknapp aren't exactly clever by reinstating Keane immediately back to the captain position after the whole incident.

And here's something I bumped into awhile ago. Check this out.. A British train company, virgintrains making good use of da Keane's saga to advertise their tickets. HILARIOUS SHIT. xD



About Arshavin, there's something that made me chuckle in his very first interview after signing for Arsenal.

"Andrei, what does it mean to finally be an Arsenal player?"

*Few seconds of silence*

"I don't know."

"Why did you choose Arsenal?"

"I like Arsenal's style. I like the way they play, and I like Arsene Wenger, the coach. But and I like some of the players in this team."

LOL. He like "some" of the players in the team. Wonder who are the rest that he doesn't like? xD

And here's the best part...

"Have you spoken to Roman Pavlyuchenko?"

"No, he's not my friend."


Sunday, 1 February 2009

Back =(


I'm officially back to PJ. again. =(

Yup, I'm still in PJ, not Setapak. Couldn't find no one to help me shift my things yet. How sad.. =\

Nevertheless, I'm back from my hometown. 1 week of holi is coming to an end in just a blink of an eye. Haven't fully enjoyed my holi and I have to switch back to studying mood adi. WTF! How am I gonna switch back so fast. CNY mood is still boiling inside me. Haiz..

But.. this year's CNY is the most tiring + enjoying one I've ever had. Visiting so many houses in 6 days time. Gambling until 8am in the morning. Gathering with hometown friends. And so, so, so many memorable things. Lazy to list them all out. In short, it's a great CNY for me =)

And guess what?!

I thought my class starts on Monday. So, I bought myself a ticket, Sunday 10.30am. Forced myself to wake up at 9 freaking AM. Packed my things. And when I reached PJ, immediately I threw myself onto my bed and snooze off until 6pm. The minute I got to my laptop and scrolling through my MSN, I suspected something is not right.


After chatting with Yeong Bin, I realized that my class actually starts on Tuesday. TUESDAY. WTF! I just wasted all my effort of waking up early and rushing myself back to KL just to find out that my class actually starts 2 days later. How stupid can I be.. =(

Guess I'll just pretend that I come back here earlier because I wanted to self-study (which means I am hardworking). w00t :D


A random pic with Chei Wan + Fei.