Thursday, 2 July 2009



It's me. again. finally bringing an update. =)

4 freakin' weeks since my last update. Jeez. Time passes so fast that I did not even realized I'm now officially in the fifth week of my first semester. WTF!

And thinking back of how and what I actually did throughout these 5 weeks. Well I'm ashame to say that, I actually did nothing. Nothing meaningful, to say the least. =\

First, I did not even pay attention during lectures and some time, I didn't even bother to attend lasses (yes, just some time, not everytime =p). Anyway, guess what I've found out this morning? I actually attended my Thermodynamics lecture (I do attend, on rare occasion though) and I heard this from my lecturer.

"So, we've finished chapter 12. Next lecture, we'll be having chapter 13, which is the final chapter of this subject. You all can relax already after that."


I swear to god I have absolutely zero knowledge towards Thermodynamics. Nothing at all. And the good news is the lecturer has finished teaching all the chapters. Guess I'm done this time, or may be I have to start telling myself to really work hard and catch up on this subject (which is a mission impossible).

And after going through nearly 2 semesters of degree life, I actually realized that I'm starting to hate those Physics subjects, again. I hate Dynamics, I hate Statics, I hate Thermodynamics, I hate Fluid Mechanics. I HATE PHYSICS. =\ But I guess I don't have a choice, do I? I've already put my foot into the engineering platform, there's no turning back.

So from now on, please advise me to study whenever you see me slacking off, sleeping through the lectures, DotA-ing or whatsoever. Start putting all those academic related things into my head. Feel free to do so. =)


Alrighty. Gary Chaw has released his new album! w00t. I just can't get enough of Supermarket recently. Ya, I mean the song, 'Supermarket' (one of the new song from his album).

Check out his new album. Some of the songs are quite nice. Don't ask me why, but I am a really big fan of Gary. Him and Jay are the only mandarin pop singer that I've actually liked.


And lastly, the recent headline of the world. MJ's death. Sad to hear that. Anyway, my biggest condolence to MJ and his family. He'll always be the King of Pop and I don't think anyone will be able to reach his peak. Period.

R.I.P Michael Jackson.