Friday, 29 February 2008

Jay Chou World Tour Concert 2008

Alright, as I promised... Here's some photos I took during the concert... The quality aren't very good but at least, you can feel the atmosphere by looking at the pics right? xD

Here's the stage of the concert...

Fei and Wee Yu before the concert..

Yeah! Its ME... xD

Chuan Jun smiling to the camera.. weirdly.. @.@

Around 7pm..

Stadium starts getting packed...

Totally blur.. But you can feel it right.. The high-ness..

Before Jay appears..


Well, so sorry to say that.. It's the best I could do.. Haha... But I did record some of the songs.. Though, they're all quite blur (I mean the sound) and worst of all, I don't know how to upload it into my blog... Aikz.. I recorded some video too but I guess its quite troublesome to upload it here too... Haha..

Honestly, it was one hell of a night for me and I am sure its the same for those whoever went to the concert too not to mention Jay Chou himself.. Fantastic indeed.. The atmosphere was truly awesome and we went really extreme that day... Yang Guang Zhai Nan, Shuang Jie Gun, Huo Yuan Jia and Zhou Da Xia really made us went high.. Extremely high.. Shuang Jie Gun slow version was nice too... I know its truly difficult for me to describe everything there... But one word.. AWESOME!

Hopefully, he'll come again in the next few years.. If he is still famous during that time, that is.. Haha... Oh yeah, after the concert we went to KTV and spent our whole night there until 5am in the morning... Lost all our sounds and voices that day.. And guess what? The next day we went 1 Utama to watch Kungfu Dunk... Yup, another Jay Chou movie... Our whole trip for Saturday and Sunday can honestly be said as a 'Jay Chou trip'... But its fun nevertheless...

Enough of Jay Chou's craze.. I'll stop my post here then... Enjoy! =D

Saturday, 23 February 2008


Yup, yup... I am back again... After a few months, the blog is finally back up and active again.. Yeah! LOL.. It has been awhile... I've totally lost all my inspiration to write new things each week.. But since I've already started studying... I've decided to blog once again as I am truly bored everyday after class sitting inside my room for the whole day... And what more.. I have so many things coming to me these few weeks... Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Economics tests followed by 3 assignments for English and Computer Studies.. What the hell?! It's even busier than my secondary life.. And all of those really brought up a lot of stress on me... That is why I am releasing some of my tension here... Yup, through blogging once again.. =D

Okay.. No more wondering... I have indeed started studying... officially.. At UTAR... Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, in case you don't know where the hell is UTAR.. Haha.. A bit too sudden eh? I was still working 1 month ago.. But due to some reason (can't be told, sorry xD), I enrolled myself into the university... Don't ask why.. Haha.. Meaning I've already started my university life 1 months ago and guess what? It wasn't how I expected.. University life isn't as fun as it seems... It's packed with homework, assignments, tests and so on... Have to get used to it then..

Enough about studies... Here's something nice...

I am going for Jay Chou's World Tour 2008 Concert tomorrow! YEAHH!! Honestly, I am very excited about it and hoping for tomorrow to come as fast as possible.. I can finally see Jay Chou in person! But I only have the RM198 ticket... which means i will be sitting quite far away from the stage but still.. it's Jay Chou no matter how far or how close it is.. So, who cares! LOL.. For those who are also going for the concert tomorrow, let's hope it will be a great great night.. For further information, the concert will be held at Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur.. 8pm.. And here's the seating plan...

Worry not, I will try to capture some photos of the concert if possible (the guards won't allow us to bring camera in but maybe I can try capturing it with my handphone =P)

Okay.. Nothing more for the revival post.. LOL.. I'll try to update each week.. xD