Friday, 31 October 2008


So.. I just went through the first ever proper meeting in my whole life... Yup, something that really looks like a "real" meeting... Wearing formal and bla bla bla... It's a part of my coursework for one of my subject in uni... Actually, it's kinda like role playing, where we're given a role each such as a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and so on... As for me, I am the secretary.. Cool huh?! ME <--- being a secretary... xD Nothing to be surprised about actually.. Despite not looking like a secretary myself, I actually did my job well this time.. =P But of course, I have all my group members to thank.. They guided me a lot..

Anyway, to tell the truth.. We were actually the first group to present in our class.. Extremely nervous and as usual... We did everything last minute.. Well, not to say last minute.. We actually have it well-prepared until the very final class of the day, we were told that we've messed up the thing.. So, we have to kinda like prepare it all over again.. And so, we stay back at uni until 8pm.. 8PM! Once again, my FIRST EVER time to stay back at uni until so late.. We were the last one to leave the whole uni.. Imagine that.. Hardworking eh?! Of course! =D And here's some proof of us as "rajin" students =P

Carlson, Yih Ming, Me, JJ, Martin

And then the day after..

Martin, Carlson, Yih Ming, Me, JJ

Thank god we actually did quite well in the end.. Our "HARDWORK" pays... =) That's why.. Students nowadays should be hardworking like us... >.<

P/S: Mentally and physically exhausted now... Not going back to my hometown this weekend.. So, I'm gonna make full use of the time and sleep as much as possible.. w00t!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

2nd Revival! >.<

Yup.. For the 2nd time.. My blog has officially been revived! (yet again.. -.-) Nearly 9 or 10 months since I've last updated... LoL.. Same old + lame excuses as usual.. Couldn't find the time and mood to update or write anything.. But then... Hopefully this time I'll be able to keep updating... And also.. HOPEFULLY there won't a 3rd revival... (Yeah! HOPEFULLY.. >.<)

Anyway.. Just came back from uni.. Damn tired... Gonna get some rest.. Nothing much in this post.. Just wanted to revived it.. That's why I simply came up with this post just so I can atleast post some crap as a mark of my 2nd revival.. w00t! Will be updating soon... But for the time being, I'll get myself a good rest first... xD


Some random pic of KL scenery.. (Nothing to do with this post.. =P)