Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Solomon Tenji

So, I went to Tenji last Sunday with Chew and Jun Jun Jun (don't how many Jun :D). It wasn’t easy finding da place. Mainly because I’m not really familiar with Mont Kiara, at all. I’ve only been there once, just once and my memory is literally screwed up as always.

It actually took us nearly 1 hour to reach there and by the time we reached Tenji (which was around 3.20pm), the guy told us lunch ends at 4pm. That means we have less than 40 mins to enjoy our buffet.

Of coz, we insist on going in after all the trouble we’ve gone through finding the bloody place.

Tenji Japanese Buffet~

Playin' with my phone. lalala~

Nice coconut drink ;D

Had a pretty good time there even though we didn’t really have sufficient time. The only thing I’m left with discontent after leaving there is I didn’t get to have the Haagen Dasz tiramisu ice cream. All because we were too late. =(

We then went to Mid Valley after that and decided to watch Soloman Kane. Spent one and a half hours in Starbucks waiting for da movie. =/

Don't mind my ugly teeth >.<

Well, can’t really say it’s worth the long wait but it’s definitely not the worst movie I’ve ever watched.

The actual reason I wanted to watch this movie was purely because of James Purefoy. I liked his character in ‘Rome’ some time ago and I just decided to check him out again.

Pretty much concludes my Sunday then. ;D



Finally, a proper update from me! Tee hee~

It's March now! A month that is filled with assignments, tests and presentation. =/

And while in the midst of all these, I actually went to Kukup on the 6th and 7th. Good, eh? Too bad we didn't take any pics there. (or did we? i'm sure i don't have it. maybe fei has it?)

The 2 days were the most tiring days I've ever had in my life, no kidding. I've never been that tired. The longest hours of driving I've ever done in my life too:

KL -> Muar = 2 hours
Muar -> Kukup = 2.5 hours
Kukup -> Muar = 2.5 hours
Muar -> KL = 2 hours
Total: 9 hours of driving

All in just 2 days, and that's not all, I've only had not more than 4 or 5 hours of sleep in between da whole journey. I was pretty sure I was suffering from amaxophobia (or driving phobia la, easier. :D) for a week then.


Reaching KL, the first thing I do is no doubt, sleep! ;D

That's all. lalala~


Tuesday, 9 March 2010