Thursday, 28 January 2010

Tee hee

I am so so bored I decided to post something. =P

But I'm actually watching Man Utd v Man City right now, Carling Cup Semi-final. Tee hee.

Making good use of these few minutes of half-time interval to write something here.

And here's a movie I would strongly recommend you guys to watch. No, I'm not talking about Avatar. There is so much talk about Avatar already, need I say more?

This.. is what I'm talking about.

Sherlock Holmes, ladies and gentlemen. Brilliant movie. Definitely a must-watch. Don't you just love Robert Downey, Jr.? Well, I don't wanna sound bent or anything but he is just so so cool in his own way. Be it Ironman or Sherlock Holmes, he just rocks.

Enough bumming of Robert Downey, Jr. I'm off to catch the second half now.

And before I go..

Happy 20th Birthday to Martin! All da best to whatever you're doing bro! :D


Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Rotten luck

What on earth is happening? Why do I feel like so many things are all barging towards me out of sudden?

Damn it. I thought a brand new year is supposed to mark a new and good beginning for me, but I guess I'm wrong and this is not the first time.

What should I say? This is definitely not what I've expected to begin my new year with.

Though, I have to admit the first few days of the month were awesome. Hanging out with my fellow CBM kakis. But the good times always end swiftly.

Just when I thought I am already having a really hard time coping with my financial difficulties (or simply, I'm so fucking poor =/), some guy in the futsal court decided to think otherwise. My phone was stolen and I've only been using the phone for no longer than 3 months.

And you thought that is bad enough? Hell no. Lady luck somehow hates to see me go a few week without any trouble and decided to screw me again this morning. I accidentally bumped onto a bus from the back. It's my car I'm talking about. Poor little red. =(

Now what? I have to come up with another RM200-300 to fix it. How the hell am I suppose to find the money now that I'm already a broke dude?

FM fuckin' L.


Monday, 18 January 2010


New semester officially starts in a few more hours. But damn, I'm still widely awake despite the time showing 4.25 in the morning. WTF!

Guess I just couldn't adjust the clock inside me yet. Probably gonna take a few days or weeks to eventually adapt to a non-holiday lifestyle.


I couldn't bring myself to sleep. No idea why. And for the record, I'm not really overly excited or anxious over this new semester thingy. So, that couldn't be the reason to my insomnia.

What should I do now? 4 something in the morning and I don't feel like sleeping.

Oh yeah, I nearly forgot I'm actually doing something right now. Blogging. Writing a bunch of craps which are meaningless.




Thursday, 14 January 2010


Hello 2010!

First entry of the year! w00t.

It's a brand new year now, which also means my 3 months holiday is finally coming to an end soon.

Damn.. Three f'n months flew by just like that.

I'll have to start getting used with a pen in my palm again. I'm not joking.

After all these months of break, I'm seriously finding it really hard to hold a pen properly let alone writing.

Truth is, I want my break to be longer than it already is. Haha. Call me lazy or whatever it is, I don't care. =P

But seriously, uni is starting again. It's gonna be a tough few weeks for me to adjust everything back to studying mode.


New semester starts next Monday!

Though, I have to admit I miss my friends here too.


New year, new semester... HERE I COME! :D