Thursday, 27 August 2009

Bukit Merah.

Yay, finally updating it since my last post (2nd of July).

Nearly 2 months. Tee hee =)

Nothing much happens. Except yeah, I went to Bukit Merah last Friday. It was crazy but fun though.

Can't believe we actually spent 3 days and 2 nites there. Basically, creating all the funs out of ourself. Drinking and chatting through the nites.

The only place we went was the water park, and it was a small one, compared to Lagoon and A'famosa. Still, it was enjoyable.

And yeah, we've officially transformed into a water polo team.

Way to go, CBM!

We actually had a lot of funs playing water polo. Damn, it's really enjoyable. But unlike the real water polo, the pool was like only 1.3 meter. Suits us well though, I admit. I can't imagine me playing in a 2 meter pool with my 'fantastic' swimming skills. :D

I'll let the pics say the rest.

18 Luo Han (only 9 actually -.-)

Our new water polo team. XD

Special pic dedicated to Yi Nien.


Our dinner. Seriously, we ate a hell damn lot than how it looks.

Had our very own clubbing session. LOL. chew = pro dancer.

Check out my facebook for more pics (if you're interested, LOL). =P

Anyways, EPL has started. Gonna be a big game this Saturday, Man Utd v Arsenal.


Can't wait. Tee hee.

Until then. :D