Thursday, 30 December 2010


So, in just 1 more day and 2010 is officially over!

Question to everyone, how was your 2010? As 2011 draws near, I thought it would be nice to share my stories of 2010. There are ups and downs of course just like everyone else.

Honestly, 2010 has been a really extraordinary year for me. Crazy things happened.. and by crazy, it doesn't neccessarily mean bad things, it can be crazy but good. LOL.

For a start, I've moved from one house to another for like.. 4 times. Meaning I've stayed in 5 different houses in less than 12 months. No kidding and some of my friends are starting to wonder if I'm still living in the stone age because I'm like a freaking nomad.

I've lost a few major things in my life. My laptop which has been around with me for 2 years. But maybe it was a blessing in disguised as I managed to get myself a much better one that allows me to play 'the best football game ever' PES 2010. LOL.

Okay, it doesn't seem to be that much of a loss compared to this... I lost 4 freaking pair of shoes in a night. Can you believe it? People who know me should know I loveeeee shoes. I have some undefined passion for shoes. And guess what? 4 pairs of shoes worth around RM900 just disappeared overnight. Yup, they got stolen by some motherfuckers. A pair of futsal shoes, a pair of basketball shoes and two pairs of casual shoes. Fucking pain you know. =(

Apart from that, I've declined terribly in terms of academic performance. For the first time in my life, I actually failed a semester. Pretty hard to accept but such is life and I hope this first time will also turn out to be my last and final time. No one to blame but myself for being such a lazy ass.

And that's not it, I have been crap at managing my money too. Not that I wasn't crap at it before, but I just basically got even crapper, especially this year. So crap that I've been working part time on most of my weekend and still not able to cover my up financial burden.

I also got mindfucked in one of the most bizarre incidents of my life too. The one where I got cheated by my housemates and all. I remember posting it in my blog before, check out this link (scroll down to no. 5).

The good things of 2010 though, is that I get to witness the best team in the world lifting the biggest prize in football. Spain becoming the champion of World Cup. Will never be able to forget the moment when Iniesta scored the winning goal in the extra time.

World Champion 2010 - SPAIN

I also got myself a BlackBerry Bold 9700. I'm still loving every single second of it. Despite everyone going crazy over the iPhone and whatnot, I've decided to give BB a try and I've never looked back then. I won't say which is the better one but I can only say I have no regrets at all. :D

BB Bold 2

The really good thing of 2010 is that I finally have a baby cousin. A very very cute lil' baby girl.

Lil' Chloe. Cute right? :D

And that reminds me, I'm also hitting 20 in 2010. Yup, I'm 20 years old already and somehow, hitting the big '2' just magically makes me feel like I have some extra responsibility on my shoulder. Nothing that I know of yet, literally. But I can just feel it somehow. Weird.

Before signing off, here's what I really wish to achieve in the coming 2011.

1. Start focusing on my studies and please, stop procrastinating. Work up my CGPA so that my loan will keep on coming, please?

2. Lessen the burden and worries of my family. Reminding myself to go back Muar more often. =)

2. Learn how to manage my money. *IMPORTANT*

3. Get myself a new pair of shoes? Maybe a few more pair, not just one. But that just contradicts with what I've listed in my number 2, no? Isshhh.

4. Less partying. ALSO IMPORTANT. I know you guys will be laughing at this, but I'm gonna control myself, you know? So please remind me constantly if I ever have any thought of partying. =P (i can do it, you know? :D)

That is all! It's been a freaking long time since I've posted anything this long. In fact, this could be my longest post ever! Hope it won't be a long borefest for you guys to read through all this stuff.

And I'm glad I typed all this out, at least as a reminder for myself if I ever lose track of my life. I can click and look back at whatever I've written here. That is the wonder of blogging. Hehe.

Lastly, I guess it's a pretty good end to the year 2010 for all the Malaysian because we've won the AFF Suzuki Cup! Nothing biggie I know.. Just a small competition but a trophy is better than no trophy at all, right? XD


But that's not the best part. Our PM just announced it's gonna be a public holiday this Friday courtesy of our big victory! LOL. Happy happy Malaysian =)

And hereby, I propose to have a 1 month holiday if we ever qualify for the World Cup. Let's hope this will happen in my lifetime *fingers cross*


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas =)

How was your Christmas everyone? I spent mine at Melacca this year. Counting down at Jonker Walk and basically did what we always do when it comes to countdown event.. we shouted, went extremely high and we started spraying away at everyone else.

No pics though, not prepared to risk those gadget getting sprayed and knocked by the sea of people. But I'm pretty sure there are people who took some pic of me getting totally ambushed with sprays by my friends. =/

The very next day though, we had a BBQ party. Yup, we finally had a proper healthy party. It's been a looooong loooong time since we had any party of those sorts. Barbeque, foods and the best part of all, no alcohol. Only orange juice. How nice! :D

Wee Chew, the chef!



Don't really know why I'm looking at him.

And there was this time when I got tired and went inside the house for a while. Everyone started playing with this fire thingy using insect killing spray. I missed out the fun though.

Ah Jiao getting all excited. LOL.

Allen acting cute behind. =/

Victor with his flaming penis. :D

It was fun, just like the old times during our high school years when we literally had BBQ party almost every month. And everytime when we are done with our party, we would jump straight into the pool. Crazy days.

Anyway, New Year Eve is just a few days away. Hope you guys enjoy your last few days of 2010! =)


Monday, 20 December 2010

What Berry are you?

Have you got your own BlackBerry? Well, if you haven't it's not too late to have one now!

As a vivid BB lover and user myself, I'm never too shy to tell everyone about this amazing little smartphone. It's actually more than a phone. To me, it's basically a tool already. With BB in your hand, you don't have to worry about getting left out from your friends and what's happening in Facebook, Twitter and etc.

So here's a way for you to win a limited edition BlackBerry exclusively from DiGi. It's easy and at the same time, you get to have fun too. Just take the quiz and you get to find out what kinda Berry are you?

You'll be awarded with BerryPoints for taking the quiz and here are a few ways you can increase your BerryPoints;
- Taking the quiz again
- Inviting your friends to take the quiz
- Your friend’s Berry turns matches the one you guessed he/she would be.

The more BerryPoints the better, because the 6 top scorers will stand a chance to win Limited Red BlackBerry Torch, white BlackBerry Bold and black BlackBerry Curve smartphones.

What Berry Are You?

Personally, I think I'm an AwesomeBerry of course for obvious reason =P. But too bad the quiz doesn't agree with me and decided that I'm a WTFBerry. LOL.

Try to find our yours now!

Monday, 13 December 2010


One last subject to go before my sem break officially begins! Not that I'm excited or anything, because frankly speaking... it hasn't really been a busy semester, apart from one really tough assignment.

FYI, I'm in a short semester now with only 2 subjects. I think I've said that before in one of my previous updates but I doubt anyone would remember.

So, I've finished my first paper, Bioprocess Engineering. Considering the effort and time I've put in, I would say I'm actually very very satisfied with how it turns out. No kidding, I spent a grand total of 5 hours on this subject, nothing more than that.

The only reason why is because of chan Fei's birthday. Because of him, I sacrificed my studying time. Just imagine how good of a friend I am. :D

Birthday boy.

I know this sounds crazy and people will probably have various thoughts about me when I say this, but I went partying just 2 days before my final exam. And prior to that, I haven't started studying at all. Honestly speaking, I'm feeling so so guilty just by saying this... but you guys probably won't believe it. =P

I guess it's all worth it at the end of the day because I think I actually managed to finish my first paper and not having any worries of failing it at all. At the same time, it's fucking worth it because I get to see how 'chan' he is.

I can confirm you are more 'chan' than me that time. But again, you sure wouldn't believe me. Here's the evidence.

In the process of becoming wasted.

More chan than Ah Jiao. XD

Mission accomplished! :D

Now, the half of the post consists of your wasted pics I think you can do nothing but admit it. There's more actually. =P

Oh yeah, to those who haven't watch Due Date.. PLEASE DO SO! NOW!

God, it's so freaking hilarious I wouldn't mind watching it over and over again. First of all, Robert Downey, Jr. acting in a comedy. Okay, fair enough he's always the cool looking Ironman, Sherlock Holmes or whatnot, but trust me.. he's equally awesome in this movie too.

Not to forget, Zach Galifianakis! Alright, I admit I googled his name because who the hell can spell Galifianakis right. Enough bout the name. BTW, he is the hilarious guy from The Hangover. I knew I'm definitely watching this movie when I saw him in the trailer. How can you not?!

Basically, it's about Robert Downey trying to get back to his wife who's giving birth to a baby girl on the other side of the state. Then, he met Zach and lots of things happened in between the journey. Alright, I'm not gonna spoil it for those who haven't watched it. Go watch it yourself. It's funny as hell. ETHAN TREMBLAY! :D