Friday, 30 November 2007


Everyone is going crazy over the end of SPM these few days... I guess there's nothing wrong with that.. Every secondary students would be praying for the day to come as soon as possible... But like what I said, the excitement has turned out to be a disappointment for me... Perhaps not for everyone else, but for me, yes.. But of course it doesn't mean that I feel like taking SPM again or whatsoever.. What I am trying to express is that life after SPM is bored... (while I am still waiting for my results)

Since the day I finished my last subject... I've been so so bored sitting in front of my computer and doing absolutely nothing.... Tried playing my console game... But well, it turns me off after half an hour... Playing DotA? I've lost my interest for the game... Playing football/futsal? At least, they're better than playing games right... But it doesn't mean I can play it whole day... If that's the case, I wouldn't have to waste my time posting my rant here... So basically, I'm slowly becoming a computer freak... (not in sense of computer expert/pro.. should be someone who sits in front of the computer whole day without any real motive)

And due to all the miseries I am suffering (okay.. not so serious... but hey.. who cares? - -"), I've decided to ask my friends out to Tanjung.. I mean Muar's very own Tanjung Emas.. YEAH! It has been some time since I last went there... Alright, so we went to eat rojak at the hawker center... Spent about 40 minutes there.. (time was really fast outside compared to home) So, we've decided to go to the place that looks like pantai there... (don't really know the name.. but you know where I mean right?) Enjoyed the breeze there.. It wasn't that bad actually... Muar can be quite fun.. (serious? xD) And again, out of boredom.. We took out our phone and started taking pictures...

(From the left: me, CJ, Allen, Alvin)
Special credit to Choon Yang.. for helping us to take the pic.. lol.. Sorry la, have to sacrifice you... xD

Seeking for tranquility.. Haha.. No, seriously.. Just acting like someone who's very lonely... (don't be influenced by the pic though.. I am not a lonely guy.. =P)

Posing like Titanic.. Haha.. Watch too much drama, perhaps.. But the effect wasn't that bad right? ^^

Alright, this is getting serious now.. or maybe not.. LOL.. Watch too much idol drama already... But honestly, this pic looks kinda like some idol drama's scenery or something.. And the best thing is that.. this is TANJUNG EMAS of MUAR! Believe it or not.. (Not Ripley's.. Sorry xD) Muar do have such scenery... =)

And here's some random pic I took myself when I was on the way back to school after having my lunch at Wetex.. Notice the people there?

Yes, yes, yes... You are right.. Trust your own eyes.. You're actually seeing people protesting in Muar.. Again.. Yet another Muar's Believe it or not... Okay, maybe this is not the case for everyone else.. But to me, I've never seen something like this right in front of my naked eyes and this is the first time for me.. Cool huh? And for your information.. they're protesting against Maybank for some unknown reason... Kills me.. (but you can click into the pic for closer view...) And if you do click into the pic, you can actually see the arrow I pointed towards the signboard.. It has 'NUBE' written onto it and I've no idea what that means.. LOL... (or maybe they're just trying to scold 'NA BEH!' =x)

That's all for my post today I guess.. And it's dinner time for me.. I'll post more when I got time (worry not, I've gazillion of free times in me since SPM has already ended for me.. lol)

Yours truly...

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

It's all over!

Cheers guys!


For me though... coz some of my friends who are taking Chinese and ICT have to wait until 6th of December.. Too bad for them.. But still, cheers to those who have finished their SPM... But better don't think about the results first.. Let's enjoy the holidays while there are still time before the results is officially released... ^^

Frankly, I couldn't bring myself to sleep last night... It was all about the end of SPM for me when I was lying on my bed.. I was just too excited whenever I think about the prospect of only 1 subject left and guess what? It's all over now.. In just a second of time and everything has ended.. Time never wait huh? No doubt about that...

Biology was the last subject for me.. When I arrived at school this morning, I saw a few of my friends.. They looked like it was all over even before the paper started.. No exception to me either.. I felt the same way... But then before entering the hall, the tense filled me back.. I don't really have much confidence with my Bio as my Bio sucks... Yup, I sucks at Bio honestly.. But I can blame no one except myself because it was all due to my laziness.. To me, Bio and Sejarah.. They are just the same... HAFAL HAFAL AND HAFAL! Hate it.. But I wasn't left with much choice... Surprisingly, the paper wasn't as hard as I expected.. I could actually answered most of the question..

Until the third paper of Bio, everyone was so eager to finish the paper.. Within 1 hour, the hall was half-cleared.. No kidding.. Most of us left the hall.. (including me of course =D) And the SPM has officially ended for me.. just like that... And the irony was that despite expecting and eager-ing for the SPM to finish a.s.ap, I didn't really feel the kind of excitement I wanted after the SPM.. Weird? Indeed... I couldn't tell why either.. Everything passed.. Just like that... Where's the excitement I've been hungering for all these while? Perhaps it is because I've been enjoying even before SPM has ended.. =(

11 years of school-ing... 5 years in HSM.. And it has all come to an end... I have to admit I actually missed the school now.. Or maybe not the school.. Perhaps I just missed all my friends and the memories I had in the school... Sad and happy? Sweet and bitter? Whatever.. here's some pics we took during the last few days of schools... xD

All the CBM members..

Our legendary discipline teacher, Zainal

Our 'Shao Ye' Lee Siang..

No comments.. xD

Ah Pung.. Haha.. Surrounded by bunch of guys when she agreed to take photo with us...


With my bunch of 5 Bestari classmates... =)

After school.. Hijacking Hang Lim's car.. ^^


To those who cannot stand seeing pretty girl, please scroll up or press the 'x' at the top right corner immediately... And to those, who have the gut.. Scroll down...

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you.. Our HSM one and only..

Don't say I didn't warn you ok? ;) And you have to know how much courage it took us to actually take the picture... >.<

Anyway, I am all used up now.. Missing my bed already (I said I couldn't sleep last night xD).. Time to have some rest and there's still a long long journey waiting for me... YUP! HOLIDAYS ARE WAITING FOR ME! Haha.. And oh ya... All the best to those who are still taking their SPM! Hehe.. Kudos! ^^

Friday, 23 November 2007


SPM.. Yup, 4 more days and SPM will be officially over.. for me... Thank god, I actually managed to go through 12 days of SPM already... And whenever I think of the end of the SPM, I just couldn't help but to feel really excited about it.. Honestly, it's some kinda mixed feeling for me.. A minor part of me actually missed those days in HSM (lol, it's not like I've already graduated or something -.-).. while a MAJOR part of me really can't wait for the SPM to end...

Anyway, it's Chemistry tomorrow.. One of my favourite subject.. Well, most of my friends hate the subject though.. They'd prefer Physics over it.. To me, it is just the opposite.. I don't have much love for Physics... Still, I don't really consider myself hating the subject... Just plainly not interested with those concepts and so on.. And to add more misery, I couldn't come up with any ideas for the essay today.. I wouldn't dare to look back to what I've written.. Too much crap inside.. (too much common knowledge instead of physics concept) In the end, I actually managed to crap through the whole Section B and C... YEAH!

And guess what? I just heard from TV3 News that Add Maths paper was leaked the day before the Add Maths exam.. WHY WHY WHY?! Why didn't I received any of those leaks? =( And if there's any decision to retake the paper... I am so going to kill the one who leaked it.. (as if.. but words speak louder than action.. xD) But seriously, I don't want to sit for the Add Maths again... I mean.. cracking my brain in the hall for 2 hour and 30 minutes... And what's worst? I barely managed to finish the paper until the very last minute of the exam..

Well, it's 11.30pm now and I thought I was supposed to be revising my Chemistry instead of writing all these.. LOL... But I guess I am gonna do so now.. So, wish me good luck then for tomorrow and of course, all the coming papers.. And before I move on.. here's something that can lighten me up abit... The end of SPM is just 4 MORE DAYS AWAY! HANG ON THERE!! ^^