Sunday, 15 March 2009

It's about time!

It has finally happened! w00t!


After a really tough week, and when I say tough.. I mean really really tough.

Can you imagine this? Staying up until 6-7am for THREE consecutive days and here's why..

Wednesday, Liverpool v Real Madrid from 4am to 6am..
Thursday, Man Utd v Inter again from 4am to 6am.. and I switched to Roma v Arsenal to watch da penalty shoot-out until 7am..
Friday, Man City v Aalborg from 4am until 6am again.. and it was well worth it coz Man City won da game.. Glad to see SWP back.. and he bagged a goal for himself too =)

And I managed to sleep myself for 15 hours the particular day I reached Muar, which will officially be my best record of the longest sleep I've ever had in my lifetime. From 5am until 8pm in da night! WTF! I have to admit tho.. living a zombie lifestyle wasn't really a nice experience.. Never managed to finish a lecture class without sleeping through it..


So, I was hoping to see Man Utd getting their asses kicked by Inter but it just never happened. I was far from happy, not because I am an Inter fan or something.. I just couldn't take it no more that they just kept on winning and winning. It sucks to see them doing so well.

But at last, it paid off! All the time and energy I've used for da whole week are finally paying off! Man Utd is finally beaten.. Not 1-0, not 2-0 but 4-1! That's enough to make up for all the sleeping hours I've wasted.

I bet the satisfaction and happiness I had couldn't be any less than Liverpool fans. You know, it wasn't easy for me to cheer for Liverpool. I was never a Liverpool fan and I would never have the slightest thought of relating myself to Liverpool, ever.

Nevertheless, I was glad. =)

(Here's a pic of Gerrard's celebration. Bet he didn't know how stupid he would look like from the other angle. xD)

And onto our so called Potential PFA Player of The Year, Nemanja Vidic.. LOL! What a shocker he had yesterday. Still, I won't deny he's a beast of a player throughout this season for Man Utd. Definitely contributed more than what fake Ronaldo has. But yesterday's game was probably Vidic's worst performance ever, no doubt. Getting outplayed by Torres, followed by receiving a red card for a poor timed challenge. Couldn't argue much, eh..

Anyway, let's not get me started about how annonymous fake Ronaldo was yesterday beside scoring that penalty, that's the only thing he's good at in fact =\


If you were to ask me, "Just how bad was Man Utd last night?".

Here it is.

Dossena scored a brilliant goal.

Andrea Dossena.

(Rihanna: enna enna ehh ehh)

The name itself tells you alot, eh. Honestly, you just know how bad your team played when Dossena managed to score a wonder goal against you. No one else, but Dossena.. (yeah I know he scored against Real too.. xD)

Now.. if only Man City can finally scrape through an away win (against Chelsea) tonight, then this would definitely be the best weekend ever! (Even a draw would be enough.. I hope!)


Monday, 2 March 2009

If I Were The Boss

You may have heard of it if you've been listening to Yup, the new Morning Crew Parody. It's JJ and Ean this time.. Funny and catchy as usual.

If I Were The Boss

Well, for me..

If I were a boss, I would definitely have my office set at home and goyang kaki whole day. Occasionally go and check out on my staff to see if they're sleeping off their work. Hell, I don't even have to do that, I can just hire someone to supervise them for me.

Then, I'd spend my lovely time with my wife (IF I have one.. LOL) or if I don't have any (most probably this is the case =\), of course I'd spend it with my friends and play futsal/football for the whole effin' day. =P

Oh yeah, I'd go oversea often and pretend like it is for business purpose, but of course I'll end up inside a football stadium watching da game instead.


But then, those were merely my imagination. Unless it becomes a reality, else I'll probably end up as some lowly worker, kissing my boss' ass, obeying to my boss' order every now and then. Who knows? I might not even have a job. But I'm not that pessimistic of course.. Everyone hopes to be a boss one day. No exception for me either and I'll probably name my company D7 no matter what type of business I'm dealing with. Who cares, since it is my company.. right? w00t!


But it's time to face da truth. - James Blunt


Back to the reality.. Potong stim abit...

I.C.E test is coming up in less than 24 hours.. Presentation on Wednesday.. Maths for Engineering test this Saturday.. Hectic week ahead. But I don't care no more, I'll be sure to report back to Muar this weekend, since Monday is a holiday. I miss my hometown eventho I'm always back there.. I'm such a fillial boy.. =)