Wednesday, 3 June 2009

I'm still alive!

See my title! Yeah.. I'm still alive.

My blog is still alive. It's da truth eventho it doesn't look like it. =\

No update for nearly 1 month! WTF! But of course there's always reason to it. I was having my sem break all these while.

For nearly 1 month, I was at my hometown (which is Muar if you don't know -.-) and there's no internet connection (I've said it before, no?) over here.

Can you imagine life without internet?

It's painful, really painful.

All these while, waking up to my laptop every morning (afternoon or evening actually =\) only to find out that I can't do shit with it except listening to my playlist. A computer or laptop without internet connection is NEVER really a laptop. It's like you have an Aston Martin right in front of you with a key and yet, you couldn't drive it because it just won't move. DAMN!

Anyway, I'm now back to KL (obviously -__-) and here's the thing. I was quite glad that I can finally online and the minute I reached my condo, I realized I did not bring my laptop with me. WTF! How forgetful can I be?

Bringing only me myself back to KL is never enough. My laptop is the only thing that can take me out of boredom. And so, I went through a few days without my laptop until my grandad finally brought it back here (he is coming over for a meeting) to me this morning. =)

So.. I am finally able to online! w00t!


Oh yeah.. and my results are finally released!

Gawd.. I couldn't be any luckier. Passed all my subjects with a relatively poor GPA.

In fact, my CGPA sucks and I don't want to remind myself about it any later. Still, I'm considered lucky to be able to pass all my subjects even though I'm just barely standing with just one foot on the borderline =(.



Let's wish me luck for this coming semester!