Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Just got home from uni. Extremely tired as usual.

It's only the 2nd week of my degree and I've almost run out of gas. Mentally and physically exhausted having to wake up 2 hours earlier everyday and go all the way from PJ to Setapak (I know I've mentioned it before in my previous post, but it's really killing me..). Luckily, this is all coming to an end soon. And by coming to an end, I don't mean I'm gonna stop studying. LOL. I'm shifting to Setapak. Might be as soon as tomorrow. Sudden decision, eh? Can't be helped though due to certain unexpected circumstances that occured these few weeks which really prompted me to shift there and of course, travel-phobia (such phobia ever existed, no?) might be one of the reasons too. =\


The whole Kaka to Man City saga has finally come to an expected outcome. Despite all the news flying around the world recently, I never truly believed the deal will have any favourable outcome though in the first place. Just look at the Ronaldinho to Man City thingy last year, it was never gonna work that way. True, we have all the money to spend but we need to atleast gain a reasonable reputation in European competition before we start doing things naively. And for Kaka, I really do think he was somehow tempted by the money himself, hence the amount of time he took to actually come out with a decision. Can't blame Milan for accepting the offer anyway, £100 million was too good to turn down.

But everyone is saying how loyal he is. I'm not saying he's a greedy bastard or anything, heck I even considered him as one of the players I truly admire, but I just think he was tempted somehow. I bet if it was £100 million from Barcelona, Real Madrid or any big club like Man Utd or Chelsea, then it might have been a different story.

Alright, so no more Kaka. And look who we got in the end, Craig f'n Bellamy!? Okay, I honestly would like to rant about Man City for once.


One can only wonder what is exactly running inside Mark Hughes' mind. I mean fair enough if you don't get Kaka, but Bellamy instead? Hell, he offer nothing more than Darius Vassell does. I mean we're supposed to be a club in development to break into the so called 'top 4' of English football and yet, Hughes surprises everyone with his "intelligent" signing.

With the nearly unlimited fund we have, surely we'd be able to get someone better, atleast? Immediately, players like Adriano and Podolski spring into my mind. I bet they'd come for a reasonable price considering they are far from happy at their current club. We already have a bunch of average forwards in Vassell, Benjani and Caicedo (Evans and Sturridge aren't immediate solution though, it's not fair to name them since they're still developing), hence why bother adding another one to the list with Bellamy.




I really hope Hughes will start pulling his head outta his ass and get someone who can actually improve the team. Bridge and de Jong seems like good business though despite being a bit overpriced, but of course that's like a peanut to Sheikh Mansour. xD


Okie.. so I'm done with my rants. Feel a lot better now. LOL. Sorry for those who's not that much into football but it has to be done, else I'll be finding a hard time getting myself to sleep tonight. Joke la of course not. HAHA. Seriously though, it might seems like I'm a bit over with my ranting about City and all if you're not a footie fan, but trust me, I'm already considered one of the not-so-emotional footie fan. So, you can really imagine it yourself about those who can seriously be very emotional into football thingy. Hehe.

Gonna get some rest now. Oh yeah, I'm so into Taylor Swift's song recently. Here's something I recommend. Not the obvious one of course (Fearless and Love Story), everyone should've know about that. I'm totally addicted to You Belong With Me and White Horse. Highly recommended. =)

Lastly, Chinese New Year is COMING! w00t! (just noticed the lack of wootage in my post recently. LOL)


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

New campus, Setapak

NO! I'm not abandoning my blog yet. No worries. But I do realize the slow update of this blog recently. I wouldn't deny though.. I just couldn't find the urge and drive to write anything recently

Time flies. so. very. fast.

In fact, it has been nearly 2 weeks since I've last touched this little blog of mine. Laziness played some part in me I admit. =\

So, I've officially entered the first year of my degree! Though, I'm no longer studying at the PJ Campus of UTAR. A bit sad to leave the place behind after spending one memorable year there. Life goes on I guess, I'll have to wave goodbye to the completed past and head towards a further target. A more challenging and difficult one I may add; completing my degree. Anyway, I'm not particularly pleased with my foundation's result, but nothing can be changed then and I'll have to convince myself to be contented with it since there's no point moaning over something that has already happened. One thing for sure is that, we might not be able to change the history, but we're definitely capable of changing the future. Like the ever-so-famous quote, 'The future is in your own hand' (Pandainya, suddenly come up with such a meaningful quote =P).

Just being able to study my desired course gives me the impetus to really work hard and strive for it. To those of you who know me well, you might have known about my passion towards chemisry. Yup, I'm doing Chemical Engineering and from what I've been told since I've entered uni, the course mainly focuses on Physics instead of Chemistry, which at first I was surprisingly saddened by it as my main affection is towards Chemistry, not Physics. I was cheated by the term 'chemical'. LOL. In the end though I managed to grow into Physics during my foundation year. And now, I've no regret taking it as my major.

Alright, about my new campus life... So far so good? Perhaps not for me. I'm still living in PJ and I have to wake up 2 hours earlier every f'n day just to reach Setapak by time. Displacing my sleeping time with the amount of time I'm travelling each day. I have to wake up at 6am in the morning if I were to attend 8am class. This is incredibly insane for me. Never did I have to wake up so early even in my secondary school. I normally wake up around 7am when I was in high school. Now, imagine this...

I have to wake up at 6 freakin' am in the morning. Bath and etc as usual. Walk to the bus stand outside my taman. Wait for the stupid bus and to make it worse, sometime I have to wait more than 30 mins for the bus which supposingly should be arriving every 15 mins or so. Then, I'll take that slowpoke bus and go to Taman Bahagia LRT. Take the LRT from Taman Bahagia to Wangsa Maju (19 STATIONS! total madness + insane). Guess how long it takes? Approximately 40 to 45 mins sitting (or mostly standing -.-) in the LRT. Reach Wangsa Maju LRT, and again I'll have to wait for another bus which can bring me to my uni. How I wish I have a transport of my own =(

Setapak campus wasn't as bad as I expected. At the very least, it is 100x better than PJ campus. More students here compared to the PJ UTAR. Nothing to complain about, eh. I'm honestly still very unfamiliar with the environment and the structure of Setapak campus, so I couldn't really comment much.

Oh yeah, by the way I just had my hair cut last Friday. Permed the upper part of my hair due to my constant annoyance towards my smooth + silky + girly hair. It was impossible to style it then. So, I thought I should do something about it (+ CNY is coming too.. so, why not?) and.. TADAA! That's me started camwhoring with my new hair =\

Ignore my innocent-looking face as always =P. Oh ya, I've dyed it dark brown too. CNY, I'm coming! :D

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Welcome to 2009!

First of all...


Big w00t for the first post of 2009! So, how long has it been since my last update.. Something like... 2 weeks?! That's exactly the time I've gone through since my break..

To sum up the 2 weeks I've gone through..

First week of my break:
  • Went back to my lovely (yup, lovely indeed =P) hometown and yet again, doing absolutely nothing back there..
  • Had a small gathering with secondary school friends at SANGA on Xmas Eve. We were there from 9pm until nearly 1am. Amazing ain't it? Each of us ate around 6 to 9 ice creams. We ate so damn lot that the boss there kept staring at us with a worry-face on him for da whole night.
  • Had a 3 days 2 nights trip at Pulau Pangkor and Penang.. One of da best 3 days I've really enjoyed during my sem break so far.. Did damn lot of things during da trip.. It was fun and enjoyable no doubt being able to gather with lots of my ex-HSM mates. Still, have to thank Yen Yang for organizing a trip. It was a memorable trip for everyone of us. =)
Second week of my break:
  • Pretty much stayed in my little room (Muar) again for a few days and did nothing useful as usual =\
  • Played futsal with ONS. Really sorry to Zi Khai for giving him such an unexpected gift for the opening of 2009. =(
  • Went to KL, Bukit Bintang there for countdown party (which obviously just happened yesterday if you did not realize -__-). Madness is the only word for me to describe. Everyone there went insane but it was fun though. Despite being forced to squeeze here and there due to the amount of people there, it was a great night for me though. I thought it was nice to see everyone not knowing each other and yet, able to spray and play around together like we've known each other for a long time.
And that's more or less how I've spent my 2 weeks of holiday. Ain't much, eh? I'm contented though. Not much pics this time I'm afraid.

Anyway, talking about how I spent my holi, I've come to realize that my result is coming out soon. Hope I can score well this time so that my CGPA will look nicer a bit =P. Good luck to all my friends too. Gonna meet you all soon at Setapak in a few more weeks. A nice and new beginning for me in degree hopefully =)