Thursday, 18 December 2008

Foundation In Science, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

What should I do now that my foundation year has finally comes to an end! Yup, yup... I've finally and OFFICIALLY completed my foundation studies. w00t!

Finished my last paper aka Web Page Design this morning and I thought it wasn't as hard as what I expected.. Frankly saying.. I am able excel in the practical part but theoritically, I sux and I really do.. That's why I was glad when I saw that most of da high marks questions were about da coding.. Lucky me.. =)

And as usual, after finishing our paper, we walked out from the exam hall discussing about the paper at the entrance of PD block for almost 20 minutes (courtesy of the Seremban-ians xD). I'm used to it.. though I normally just stand aside waiting for them to finish their discussion.. It's not like I can change any answers I've written, right? So for me, I'd rather don't think about it and move on.. Sometime, things are always better to remain untold.. (shit, is that phrase even applicable to the case? =P)

So, we went for futsal (AGAIN) at around 12pm after that.. and I thought the previous futsal session was supposed to be the "last time" for us.. Who would have guessed it? Tiba-tiba, JJ and Martin told me to bring my attire to uni.. Played on the indoor court for the first time.. Budak kampung la me.. Haha.. But my futsal shoes are meant to be used for turf field.. Luckily nothing happened to my shoes =)

7.45pm, went to Murni to have dinner with my uni mates. Last gathering before we moved to Setapak, perhaps? Hopefully not la of course.. Hehe.. Noticed JJ wasn't with us for the dinner.. Haiz.. Don't know la where he go again. Mysterious guy la, really.. HAHA! Always keep everything to himself.. Share a bit la, why so selfish? =P.

Went to INC 'da gei' after our dinner.. Played CS for like 1 hour++ there.. Walked home alone after that.. Pretty much summed up my day then..

Anyway, congrats to myself for successfully completing my foundation year (ya ya.. technically, I've completed it but not yet graduate la.. still have to wait for my final result for semester 3) despite me never really completed it with excellent results.. but who cares right? As long as I can start doing my degree next year, that'll be more than enough.. =P

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Yet another ending of a new start...


You could be careless about da title, but it doesn't really matter since it's gonna be pics galore today. I did said I was gonna post all da pics when I come back to PJ, right? And yup, I am back here for like.. 3 days already and I haven't updated it.. LOL... Who cares anyway. It's the sincerity that matters, right.. I did update at the end of da day, so here it is.. =P

JJ, Chili & Chin Wee outside da computer lab

Hung Wang, TY, Carlson, Yee Shiuan (ya, da funny looking face -_-) and Kock Li

Yih Ming and me + Rong Shen behind (look at my arrogant face =.=")

Bunch of TD3s lepak-ing outside ICT lab

Yeah, it's me again with my silly-looking face =\

In da PA cafeteria for da last time, perhaps? LOL

So, like I said, my post today will be filled with gazillion of pics we took during the last day of our foundation studies.. Yippie, finally reach the end of da foundation and for the 10291298457235th times.. Again I'm filled with mixed feelings like I always did everytime something comes to an end... =) and =( for me..

After playing basketball.. Tired looking =)

Yup, that's us at our usual basketball court

TY being caged and still wanting to sneak himself into da pic 0.O

Me with my super+duper+awesome shot (yup, that's me.. playing basketball instead of football/futsal.. you can clear your doubt now)

And JJ showing off..

There he goes! (JJ, no wonder la so many gals like you haiz...)

And so, everything's gonna end sooner or later.. And right after the end of something, there'll be yet another new start and the thing goes on over and over again. It just doesn't seems to matter right, since I'll be like.. going to have a new beginning again in just a month or so, but I do have feelings stuck right inside of me everytime something ends.. Good + bad feelings and god knows why.. I just can't really describe them through words..

Poh Ha and Miss Low (they look-alike, right? =P)

Even the teeth also can be seen adi.. That's the joy I've been talking about, man! =P

Miss Sharmini and fellow TD3, notice the amount of TD3 getting lesser? LOL, that's what happen when a class starts at 8am in the morning (and obviously, I wasn't in there =x)

And 'TADAA!', my sudden appearance =P (this was the afternoon class, lol)! Ignore my teeth though.. (I know I look ugly when I laugh =x)

TD3 with Miss Quah

Again.. except me wearing a spec this time (and I closed my eyes.. WTFBBQ!)

Martin and Poh Ha (Sam behind)

The ONLY gals in TD3.. How sad, huh? (Now you know the miserable life we've gone through this whole year.. Ehhh, just kidding la of course.. =P)

Martin, me and TY

That's KOCK Li and DICKson for you.. Thanks to Miss Low.. Now on, we should officially become partner =\

John, TY, me and JJ with his cheeky smile. again. xP

Martin with his funny face (you'll know why if you're there)

And all these pics made me feel that I didn't make the wrong choice coming for January Intake after all, eh? What amuses me is that, I actually thought of restarting my foundation all over again when I was still in sem 1.. I entered UTAR 3 weeks after all the classes commenced (meaning I enrolled late) and I was like so totally lost when I stepped into da lecture hall the first time I came to UTAR. I was the only Muarian there. Felt so.. weird?! LOL.. Everyone was staring at me because I went in late to the lecture and that was my first ever lecture in UTAR too (and since then, I've never been early to the class. EVER. don't ask me why, I don't really know da answer -___-" )

Nevertheless, I really felt grateful for not restarting my foundation since then, coz I got to know a bunch of nice frenz here.. Okay, not trying to be mushy here, but they are the one that made me felt that I did not regret my decision for coming in for da January Intake... But please, don't be too touched la guys, it's not like we ain't gonna meet each other no more, after all we're still gonna meet at Setapak right, despite not taking da same courses.. =P


Our surprise birthday celebration with Miss Wong (and for the sake of god, she's 28 not 29, LOL)

TD3 celebrating Miss Wong's birthday (our best Chemistry lecture, apparently =P)

"The 3 Musketeers" of TD3 (and Pei Ling)

Me and Miss Wong with her face as pale as usual.. =|

So, who's dropping his pants? Definitely not Wei Jun, I think..

Reminiscing the last photographic memory of our beloved lab xD

Pei Leng and me (the only Johor-ian in my class.. she's from BP though)

Lastly, the 5 of us.. And I'm definitely gonna wait you at Setapak and welcome you with wide arms when you come over, Martin.. I know you're gonna miss us too =)

Anyway, back to me... I just had my first paper for the final exam today! w00t! Management is like so-not-easy.. Damn, hafal like mad and still couldn't do well.. Okay, that's me to blame for being hardworking ONLY AT DA FINAL SECOND! Guess I am still me after all. Talking about how I should stop da last minute thingy but ended up repeating da same thing again =(

Alrighty then, so 1 down, 2 more to go! Next paper coming up, this Saturday.. English for communication. Don't really know what to study. Notes doesn't seems to be helpful no matter how hard I try to convince myself reading it. So for the time being, relax myself first.. Tomorrow gonna go 'kai kai' since it's a public holiday.. Of course I'm not gonna waste a precious public holi studyin at home right. =P

And by the way..

The new Broke Back Mountain

of UTAR...

Carlson + Lai Shin

P/S: Aight, gonna catch my Prison Break now.. EPISODE 14! w00t..


Saturday, 6 December 2008

Updated at last..

Sorry for the lack of update recently.. So, I came back Muar to enjoy my study week (and yet, I did not even touch my notes since the 1st day of my break.. more like a holiday week, huh) which means that my final exam is reaching soon! Yet to feel the tense, but I guess it will fill me up sooner or later seeing that my final will be arriving in 4 days time.. How fast time has passed this year and I am already at the end of my foundation year.

Anyway, I am finally able to update my blog after idling for the whole week mainly because I don't have an internet connection back here.. Spent about 4 or 5 days of total boredom inside my four-walled room. Everyone's still at PJ and I am alone here at Muar.. And just to let you know how much worse can my study week get..
  • Man City lost their derby match to no one else, but Man Utd.
  • Not only that, out of all the players, Cristiano Ron won the Ballon D'Or.
  • Found that my football boots are spoilt when I was playing football with Chee Shen and a bunch of uncles (not to say uncles la, some of them are still in their 20+).
  • Realized that I forgot to bring my notes back with me (obviously)
  • Checked and found that my desktop is not working anymore =\
But here's a few things that eventually cheered me up in the end...
  • My uncle bought me a pair of basketball shoes
  • My grandad came back (Muar) too (never had much chance to see him, he's always at KL. whenever he's back Muar, I am stuck at PJ and vice versa)
  • Bought Football Manager 2009 (the only thing has been keeping me active throughout my study week)
  • Man City qualified to the knock out round (UEFA CUP la not Champions League.. =.=)
  • This coming Monday will be a holiday!
By the way, we took lots of picture last week (last day of semester 3) and I'll be posting them up on my next update.. That'll be my first thing to do once I am back to PJ. Actually just wanted to update my blog (for being inactive this week), never really intend to crap so much.. Alright, so here's more random funny pic from me before I end da post.. (like I always do)

For funny purpose only, k? =D

P/S: To fellow PB fans, here's something you gotta agree with me. DON SELF = ASSHOLE! <--- highlight this (after watching ep12)