Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Alright, I'm starting to see a trend now. I realized I only update my blog for like.. once a month. I didn't plan it, it just so happens to be like that.

But it's no coincidence that everytime I come up with an update, it's either I'm about to have my test/final exam or something similar. I guess it's because when test or assignment is near, I tend to free up my time just so I can start working on them or revising.

Here's a theory that I come up with.. about myself. I always try to cancel other schedules or outings when exam's coming and with the free time that I've managed to open up for myself, I go on and do nothing related to the subject, at all. Ironic, eh?That's when I start procrastinating and find myself doing exactly what I'm doing right now, blogging!

Okay, that's a weird and confusing theory. That's why it was created by people like me in the first place. :D

Anyway, me and my bunch of boat kakis went to Mist last Friday. One hell of a nite! One of da best parties we've had, the only thing lacking is a few important characters (you know who you are, WEE CHEW and VO SAN. XD). Else, it would've been perfect! We were celebrating a friend's birthday? Or maybe.. more like a stupid excuse to party. LOL.

I know I don't post enough pic in my blog, which is why it's so fuckin' dull and boring nobody reads it. I guess I just don't take enough pic. But here's something to show. Actually, I've uploaded them to facebook, but whatever.

Me, Fei and Victor. ;)

Jiao, Victor, Kang and Dennis.

And this is Ah Jiao again in his usual self, 'chan'. XD

All da guys! ;D

Alrighty! That's all from me. I know people tend to judge guys who go party but truth is, it doesn't really bother me. We know who we really are, right? And the best of everything is that we enjoyed ourself thoroughly! That's what matters! ;)