Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Christmas =)

How was your Christmas everyone? I spent mine at Melacca this year. Counting down at Jonker Walk and basically did what we always do when it comes to countdown event.. we shouted, went extremely high and we started spraying away at everyone else.

No pics though, not prepared to risk those gadget getting sprayed and knocked by the sea of people. But I'm pretty sure there are people who took some pic of me getting totally ambushed with sprays by my friends. =/

The very next day though, we had a BBQ party. Yup, we finally had a proper healthy party. It's been a looooong loooong time since we had any party of those sorts. Barbeque, foods and the best part of all, no alcohol. Only orange juice. How nice! :D

Wee Chew, the chef!



Don't really know why I'm looking at him.

And there was this time when I got tired and went inside the house for a while. Everyone started playing with this fire thingy using insect killing spray. I missed out the fun though.

Ah Jiao getting all excited. LOL.

Allen acting cute behind. =/

Victor with his flaming penis. :D

It was fun, just like the old times during our high school years when we literally had BBQ party almost every month. And everytime when we are done with our party, we would jump straight into the pool. Crazy days.

Anyway, New Year Eve is just a few days away. Hope you guys enjoy your last few days of 2010! =)