Thursday, 5 August 2010

There's always a brighter side. =)

I'm finally bringing myself to post something in this deserted blog!

But seriously.. no, I've not forgotten about my blog. Never will. =)

I can't say I'm really busy recently but one thing for sure, lab is killing me mentally and physically.

I have like 16 labs or something this sem. I don't know, but it's one thing I don't wanna remind myself often. But the good news is, I've managed to finish more than half of the labs already. :D

Last month hasn't entirely been the best of months for me. You know what? Actually, it sucked!

Here's a few reason why:

1. My last and only futsal shoes were torn apart. Not to mention the fact that I already lost 3 pairs of shoes the month before. =(

2. My laptop spoiled. The screen somehow managed to show all types of colors and lines, which I can assure you is not funny at all. =(

3. My car speakers decided to turn mute for no reason. Imagine having to drive all the way back to my hometown from KL without any music to keep me focus. Had to come up with RM100+ to get myself a new one. =(

4. My car tyres punctured. Not once, but twice! Twice in one fuckin' month. The second time was an awful experience. It was done by a bunch of brats outside my condo. I don't know why, probably has something to do with where I parked my car. But then, there were like more than hundreds of car there, but it just had to be me. How unfair! =(

5. I got mindfucked by my ex-housemates. Imagine this scenario, you've been living in that house for months and one day, you stepped into that house only to realize that everything is gone. No one is living in that house anymore and all the furnitures are gone. It's like everything turns empty in an instant. Fuckin' unreal, but it happened, to me out of so many people. (FYI, I don't know any of my ex-housemates because I just moved in for not more than 3 months. All I know is, they aren't student from the look of it.)

I swear they are all true! I didn't make this stuff up. I didn't take this from a movie or something. It's just really bizarre.

But on the brighter side...

1. I've got my new laptop. And I'm loving it! :D

2. I've moved a new house with a bunch of friendly housemates. =)

3. My baby cousin was born few weeks ago. :D

That's her! Sooo cute right? >.<
4. I watched Inception! Yup, it's just that awesome I had to include it in my list.

Starring Leonardi di kopi-o.

Lastly and the best thing to happen to me for the past few months is my PTPTN loan has finally reached me!

You might think it's not that big of a deal, but it is to me because that means I can buy myself a new pair of futsal shoes. Hell yeah I'm excited! :D

Nike Elite Mercurial Victory :D

See, there's always something good waiting to happen. =P Even with all those crap I've been having last month, I've actually managed to go through it.

So next time when something bad happens, you should be excited because you know something good is gonna come around soon. It's inevitable. :P

Though, I have to say the bizarre housemate case is still something to be remembered of. Unfortunate or not, it's a thing that doesn't happen often to anyone. Somehow, I think I should be glad to have experienced something like that. LOL. =