Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Back from hiatus

I'm back, again! After missing in action from this blog for nearly.. 4 months. LOL. Unbelievable.. my last post was 4 months ago?! Can you believe how time flies? It feels like it's only been weeks.

Alright, admittedly this isn't the first time I did comeback like this. It's like a pattern already. I started being active for like 2 months and then I went on hiatus for the next few months, and this cycle seemed to repeat time and time again. And despite knowing how this cycle works, I still can't seem to get a grip on it. It's unavoidable for me unfortunately, all due to my laziness. =(

But this time around, I'll try to overcome this and try to update consistently. Yes, I'll TRY. Can't assure anything though. XD.

Okie, time to update what I've gone through for the past 4 months.

1. I've got myself an iPod touch. Right, I finally have an apple gadget of my own. Everyone's falling into the iPhone hype nowadays. It's more like a trend already. I can practically see everyone holding one wherever I go, it's nothing new anymore. Not to mention I'm more than happy with my BB already. So... nope, no iPhone for me, thank you and I don't need one. =P iPod touch is the way to go!

BB + iPod touch seem like the perfect combination! :D

2. I've lost my external hard drive. Not literally tho coz I still have it with me but all the files inside were gone. Every single one of them. That and there's some funny sound coming out when I connect it to my laptop. Nothing can be done. =(

Dead and gone. =(

3. Bought myself a new shoes. Yup, I've been wanting to get myself a new pair of shoes after the stolen shoes incident last year. And here we go... A pair of Converse All-Star Classic. Guess what? It only cost me RM 60. Was hanging out in KLCC and found this pair with a 50% discount when we pass by Converse. Crazy stuff!

My new shoes. Finally. =)

4. I've officially joined! is a community of social media users in Malaysia who to love share. The idea is simple, you share out the deals you think worth sharing in whatever social medium you've been using, and a click from whoever it is earns you money. It's kind of a good way for students like us to earn some extra cash. It's easy, especially if you are always on Facebook and Twitter like most of us are nowadays.

Join now! :D

4. Last but not least, I've changed my hairstyle. LOL. After nearly 7 or 8 years of having fringe, I've finally gained enough courage to show my forehead.


Before =)

After :D

That's all for my comeback! Oh and my finals is drawing near. 3 more weeks and my semester is coming to an end. Let's hope I can do well this time. =)